Sirian Blue White Collective and Lemurian Sisterhood….

SBWC TRANSMISSION (5) Star Mother Collective Transmission of Grace 13 FEB 2020

Sheila gave the opening blessings from the star mothers during this Sirian Blue White Collective transmission from Dr. John in Ottawa in February 2020.

Painting by Piroska Molnár

This is the fifth recording in a series of Ascensions Transmissions.  This transmission is entitled "Star Mother Collective - Transmission of Grace".  It was recorded live on 13 FEB 2020.  The recording contains a guided meditation that leads into a channel from the Star Mothers and the Sirian Blue White Collection. 

The live version was produced from a back up recorder and of low quality - so the audio for the 5th transmission - Star Mother's Empowerment of Grace has been rerecorded to enhance the audio experience.

Click on the link to listen to this audio or visit the UFH SBWC page where all transmissions are listed.

New audio for Transmission #5

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