IET® MI Reunion Monthly Gathering

Taught by Master-Instructor Trainer Sheila Tillich

DATE: EVERY fourth Thursday night from 7PM-9PM EST on a Zoom meeting.  Beginning January 28th, 2021.

I am excited to announce EVERY month we will get together the fourth Thursday night from 7PM-9PM EST on a Zoom meeting.

  • Stay Heart Connected in DNA 12th Spiritual Strand Vibration
  • Use IET MI Techniques optimizing the DNA Frequency to Stand in your Power as an Earth Angel
  • Participate through Sharing and Practicing

Let’s Bring our Energies Together! To Stay in Angelic Violet Frequency…and Use Techniques to Be the Light of the World.

We will have a Channeled Message from the IET Healing Angels to start every Gathering for the theme of each meeting! And share our experiences to feel supported, as well as practicing our techniques.

“Please remember, your primary mission as a human being it to bring the light of heaven into your life and into your world…your heart is the lamp upon which the light can burn.” –Angel Ariel

The goal is to help us all with keeping the highest frequency vibrating daily in our lives.

We are excited to include a 30 minute Sound Healing Meditation by IET MI Carol Morissette, owner of Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center at the end of each gathering.

Cost $44 Monthly

Or $198/6 months (a savings of $10 per month)

Contact Sheila for more info: [email protected] - 585-313-3996

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