Online Lemurian Sisterhood WNY Sacred Circle

Join us every other Monday from 7:11 to 8:41 PM EASTERN

March 8, 2021
March 22, 2021
April 5, 2021
April 19, 2021

$22.00 per circle energy exchange or save with subscriptions or bundles! 

👸 The time of the Sha-Woman has come 👸

✨We are so excited to announce that our Answer the Call of YOU Journey will be more focused in 2021 ✨

This is for Lightworkers and SiStars who hear the call to:

🌟Answer their soul fire & live their purpose
🌟Let go of what is no longer serving them
🌟Dig their roots deep in their own sacred soil
🌟Claim their power & embody their truth
🌟Peel off old beliefs and paradigms
🌟Speak their voice & heart
🌟Make a shift in their world
🌟Dedicate fully to their gifts & wild magic
🌟Reclaim their sacred crown
🌟Surrender to the Light of their own being
🌟Change & rewrite their story
🌟Commit to their authentic essence
🌟Release settling for less than they deserve
🌟Claim their gifts & unique medicine
🌟Rise to their Sha-Woman Path

Zoom link will be sent after registering

Payment options:

  • Join a single meeting for $22
  • Purchase a bi-weekly subscription ($20/meeting) - includes unlimited access to exclusive online community
  • Purchase an annual subscription ($444 per year - save $128) - includes unlimited access to exclusive online community
  • Or join both the Lemurian Sisterhood and Lightworkers Connection - Monthly and Annual Bundles available - get unlimited access to both exclusive communities and both online circles for one  low price.

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Lemurian Sacred Sexuality for Women Course

To find out more about the Lemurian Sacred Sexuality for Women Course, click on the link below.  The course is offered through the Lemurian Shamanism School. 

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