Unity Field Healing Intro & Sirian BW Transmission!

Fri, 9 April 2021 - 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Unity Field Healing (UFH) is an evolutionary new "energy based" healing modality, that works through the field of quantum information of your DNA. This work was developed by Dr. John Ryan following a series of meditative visions - instructing him how to work with Quantum DNA field in healing!  This work, recently validated by Kryon/Lee Carroll in a public channel addressed personally to Dr. John - represents a pioneering step into the world of energy medicine in the "New Energy".  Hosted by the wonderful Sheila Tillich, Dr. John, the founder of Unity Field Healing, will be in Rochester, New York personally for a weekend practitioners training!  

This Friday Evening Workshop is a part of the full UFH Practitioner Training - however, the Friday evening presentation will be open to everyone!  This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested - to not only learn all about Unity Field Healing - but also experience first hand a channeling and energy transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective!

In March of 2019 the Sirian Blue White Collective introduced themselves in meditation to Dr. John .  The Collective identified themselves to be a group of light beings from the Sirius star system who work "behind the scenes" to support this new system of energy healing and ascension support.  Dr. John has been guided to develop a series of live "transmission" events that will serve to catalyze a forward momentum of ascension.  The purpose of these transmissions is to catalyze light body codes that facilitate the integration of higher vibrational potentials dormant within your Quantum DNA system. There will be a channeled message from the Sirian Blue White Collective and a profound meditation to provide a direct energy transmission to all attendees from this magnificent group of light beings - to support in the changing energies of these times.  

Please follow your heart if it speaks to you!   Join us IN ROCHESTER! for this very special event with the Sirian Blue White Collective and Discover Unity Field Healing - the New World of Energy Medicine!

For more information visit:  www.unityfieldhealing.com

PHONE: 585-313-3996



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