Unity Field Healing is a remarkable new "Quantum Healing" Hands On Energy Healing Modality. It works with the quantum energy of Human DNA to promoted healing and personal transformation. This work was developed from meditative visionary teachings received by Dr. John - and recently validated by Kryon/Lee Carroll in a live channel! UFH is Energy Medicine in the New Energy - For the New Human!


Sheila Tillich (your local host) and I have been keeping a close eye on guidelines and restrictions. The Canadian US border remains closed to non-essential travel into September and will likely be extended into the fall. Furthermore, returning travellers must quarantine for 2 weeks. This will make it impossible for me to visit the US for the moment :( In light of the situation, and with a heavy heart - it has become evident that we will have to postpone the in-person training program once again. HOWEVER ... there is some very GOOD NEWS!

I am developing a new Online Training program to deliver the UFH Practitioner Training and Initiations in an online "virtual" format. This will be a full weekend training program identical in content to the in-person program - set up to deliver the lectures online with discussion breaks, full supervision of your work as a student practitioner through video, meditation guided attunement for initiation just like in person - all through this online format.

I will do an online training program on the weekend of Oct 2 - 4 to replace this in-person training. So if you would like to proceed with your training - and be a pioneer in this new development of the work - you can!

To participate in the online training program you would need to be able to commit to:

1. Attend the full training program online - including Friday evening (6:30-9:30pm), Saturday and Sunday (9 am -5 pm EST each day) . I will send you a link to joining a Zoom meeting classroom for the session each day.
2. Have access to a massage table - to set up for doing and receiving your training UFH sessions.
3. Have a laptop or camera that you can set up to let me see you while you doing your session during the UFH sessions you will do in the training. If you have a laptop - once you are in zoom the camera on your laptop can be set up to see you working at your table - so easy to do! This way I can watch you and keep notes to guide you in your work - and we can review after the sessions are done online!
4. In the online training - you can work alone or in a pair with another attendee if this a possibility ( ie a friend or family member is doing the UFH practitioner training). During the in-person trainings, each training practitioner will do each phase as a "practitioner" (Session 1 Sat pm, Session 2 Sun am and Session 3 Sunday pm) and will receive each phase as a "client" (Session 1, 2 and 3). This is normally done in a paired exchange when training in person. For the online training you can work in a pair with another trainee (if they are taking the training too) - OR - you can train on your own. If you are on your own, you will have an option to have a volunteer be with you on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon - to receive the session you are doing as a practitioner while training as a practitioner. This is not required - just a nice gift to give to a family member or friend, In the exchange session when you receive the session - I will do a distance session for you, supported by the Sirian Blue White Collective, to give you your session while you lay on the massage table.
5. The attunements for initiation will be delivered live by a guided mediation with the support of the Sirian Blue's - and are unique to each group - so they will not be recorded. These are done prior to the practice exchange sessions listed above for Sessions 1, 2 and 3 ( 3 attunements in total ).

So - if you are able to work with these requirements you can complete your training virtually! I will send you the manual in a pdf to have electronically and also send you a paper manual and Certification certificate by mail after the training is complete. The only thing miss will be the hugs - at least for now! ;)



So with the changes given, I can offer three options in terms of your October training registration.

1. You can attend the first ONLINE Practitioner Training program on Oct 2 -4, 2020 - in place of the in-person event! I will transfer your registration for you to the ONLINE event.
2. You can POSTPONE your training to in-person training. We have set up an in-person training program for April 9 - 11, 2021 in Rochester. If you choose this option I will simply transfer your registration forward.
3. I can REFUND your registration in full.


Please note that the practitioners training includes registration for the Friday evening SIrian Transmission and Introduction to Unity Field Healing event - you do not need to register separately for this event, it is included!

EARLY BIRD PRICING - $777 US. Regular Tuition $999 US. Please note prior events have sold out months in advance!


1. You can PAY IN FULL or

2. Register to take advantage of the PAYMENT PLAN with a $277 non refundable downpayment - and pay two future installments of $250 - on Aug 14 and $250 Sept 25. You register with your first payment below and will be contacted to make arrangement to pay your 2nd and 3rd installment by online payment.

Registration is refundable up to 30 days prior to the event - except Eventbrite Service Charges which will not be reimbursed.


For more information visit: www.unityfieldhealing.com

Questions: EMAIL US


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