Heart Connection: Your Channel To Healing Support

Heart Connection…. is opening up a channel to healing support. It’s a heart-to-heart energy connection technique.

As a child, I always had a connection with Angels. They brought me peace. They've helped me in my own self-healing journey through life allowing me to have compassion for myself and others. I found the more I worked with my healing angels, the more I experienced their presence in my life.

And, you can too (and the best part is it’s simple!).

All you need to do is ask - a prayer of invitation for them to come help.

I have my own name for them and you can call upon your own too.

If this is new to you, just say, healing angels come. They are always ready, willing, and able to help However, they must be invited to do so. This Angelic invitation starts with a general prayer of protection and intent, and then adds a special prayer of invitation for the Healing Angel you wish to ask for help from. This prayer of invitation establishes your request however, it is a heart-to-heart energy connection called a heart connection that lets you receive the angel’s healing gift and experience their presence.

An angelic heart connection is an energy cord that you project vertically from your heart up through your throat, third eye and crown chakra, which connects your heart with the heart of an angel. Once you have offered your prayer of invitation and established your heart connection, I suggest that you simply sit quietly breathing in an out a few times experiencing the angel’s presence.

Please know that some people might not feel, see, hear, or experience the angel’s presence. That’s okay. Angels always answer your invitation and you will always receive exactly what you need. The more you work with healing angels, the more you’ll experience their presence in your life.

Here are 2 simple steps that you can use today:

Step 1: Offer a Prayer of Invitation

Inviting angels to help you is the very first step in bringing an angel’s energy into your life.

  1. Angel ______, please work with me and through me so that I may receive your gift of healing.
  2. Please guide, direct, surround and protect me.
  3. Let me receive energy and information for my highest good and highest healing.
  4. Add your own specific prayer of the invitation here.

Step 2: Establish an Angelic Heart Connection

An angelic heart connection is an energy cord you project vertically from your heart up through your throat, the third eye, and crown chakra to connect with the heart of an angel. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to establish your angelic heart connection:

  1. Awareness: Bring your awareness to your heart center.
  2. Gratitude: In the way that is perfect and right for you, offer a prayer of gratitude to your higher power and the healing angel that you wish to connect with.  
  3. Heart Connection: Project a golden energy cord, called a heart connection, from your heart up through your throat, third eye, and crown chakra, into the highest angelic realm with the intent of connecting to the heart of this angel.
  4. Send Energy: Start the flow of energy in the heart connection by sending the energy of love from your heart up to the heart connection to this angel.
  5. Receive Energy: Open your heart and take in the love that this angel is sending you. The angel’s love will be ten times stronger than the love you sent. Bring the love into your heart and let it continue to build for about a minute.

Opening up this channel of compassion will help you through life.



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