How Integrated Energy Therapy® Supports Your Spiritual Self-Healing Journey

We all have a 12-Strand DNA which is a spiritual blueprint for our soul’s mission, the life experiences and situations that our soul wishes us to have, and all of the creative gifts that we will need in our lifetime.

As you grow, your 12-Strand DNA creates imprints in your human energy field (Aura) that can attract the life experiences and situations that will allow you to express your creativity, experience empowerment, and fulfill your soul’s mission. This will include experiences filled with ease and joy as well as ones that are difficult and painful.

Some situations that your soul attracts overwhelm you and the energy of the situation is suppressed as trauma into your human energy field. These traumatic imprints can attract repetitions of the situation. They can also limit your ability to express your creativity, become empowered, and fulfill your soul’s mission in life.

The energy of some of this trauma is also suppressed as physical and emotional imprints into the cellular memory of your physical body. This suppressed energy can limit your enjoyment of life as well as impair your physical and emotional state of well being.

Basic Level IET focuses on cellular memory and supports your self-healing by clearing the physical and emotional imprints from the cellular memory as well as by replacing the trauma with a positive empowerment imprint.

Intermediate Level IET focuses on the Human Energy Field and supports your self-healing by clearing the physical, emotional, mental, and karmic imprints from your human energy field. This not only expands your empowerment in life, but also reduces the chance of attracting the same type of situation again.

Advanced Level IET focuses on your soul’s mission by helping you to understand your soul’s mission, clearing your resistance to fulfilling your soul’s mission, and empowering you to live your soul’s mission.

Master-Instructor Level IET focuses on modifying your 12-Strand DNA. It allows you to optimize your life and live your life’s dream within the larger divine plan. It accelerates the effectiveness of the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels and lets you clear the energy of trauma not completely cleared by them.

Description of IET Master-Instructor DNA Techniques 1
There are several IET Master-Instructor DNA techniques that have similar names but serve clients in different ways. Like many spiritual topics, these techniques are hard to describe in words. But since understanding the techniques and their subtle differences is important to IET Master-Instructors we must try to describe them in words as best we can. Here are our descriptions of these techniques.

12-Strand DNA Optimization: Our 12-Strand DNA has stored within it the blueprint for all aspects of ourselves that may unfold in our lives if and when we are in need of them and spiritually ready for them. These aspects can be at any level from the 1st DNA pair to the 6th DNA pair and will unfold at the divine right time and in the divine right way to support us in living our soul's mission and manifesting our reach. The angelic energy focused by IET Master-Instructor Practitioners by means of the IET sacred geometric symbols, facilitates this process of unfolding by creating the optimal energetic environment helping the aspects to unfold from your DNA blueprint that are perfect for your current point of spiritual evolution.

A simple analogy might help to better understand this. Imagine a hiker taking a journey through the woods. The hiker starts out with a map and has a path plotted. They bring the equipment they need to easily make the journey along the planned path. Then somewhere along the journey the hiker gets lost and they deviate from the path they had originally planned. They end up having to climb a mountain to get further. If we were to optimize their journey at this point in their journey we would give them an update map based on where they were at the time as well as some additional equipment to help them climb the mountain. Then later in their journey we might find they were at a lake and need to cross the lake. If we optimize their journey at this point we could provide them with an update map and a raft. 

Since we already have encoded within our 12-Strand DNA everything we need for our life's journey, when our 12-Strand DNA is optimized by angelic IET energy, aspects of ourselves that can help us on our life's spiritual journey can unfold in our life and we can draw to us people, places, settings and circumstances that will guide and help us.

12-Strand DNA Alignment: Our Soul Star (8th chakra) stores the energetic potential for all aspects of our Soul's Mission. When any part of this energetic potential passes down our angelic heartlink from our Soul Star through the top of our head and down through our body all the way down to the Earth, it will then manifest in our life. Unfortunately, energy suppressed into our bodies cellular memory can limit this energetic potential as it travels earthward though our body and can even prevent us from manifesting the potential. A DNA alignment performed by an IET Master-Instructor Practitioner supports the downward movement of this energetic potential from Soul Star to Earth by using the IET sacred geometric symbols that can clear our resistance to living the energetic potential of our soul's mission as they bring our 12-Stand DNA into alignment with our soul's mission.

A simple analogy might help to better understand this. In the sport of curling, a granite curling stone is pushed along the ice and aimed at a target. Once the stone has been pushed, sweepers work with brooms to sweep the ice in such a was as to clear obstacles on the ice and thus align the stones journey with the target. In the class of a DNA Alignment, our soul in essence launches the energetic potential of an aspect of our Soul's Mission and the IET Master-Instructor practitioner energetically clears away the cellular memories our resistance to living this aspect of our Soul's Mission and bring our 12-Strand DNA into alignment with our living our Soul's Mission.

12-Strand DNA Activation: A 12-Strand DNA Activation is a process that can be facilitated by an IET Master-Instructor. In this process, the Master-Instructor re-attunes themselves to one of the IET angelic energy rays and heartlinks to another person. The vibration of the IET angelic energy ray travels from the Master-Instructor over the heartlink and the person's 12-Strand DNA comes into resonance with the vibration of the IET angelic energy ray.

This is similar to the simple physics experiment in which two tuning forks are placed next to each other. One tuning fork is struck and the other is not. The sound vibrations of the tuning fork that is struck move through the airwaves and the tuning fork that was not struck begins to vibrate in resonance with the first tuning fork.

When a person's DNA is activated they are brought into resonance with IET angelic energy rays they receive the gift of empowerment that the IET angelic energy ray provides. A Basic Level IET Activation can empower them physically and emotionally. An Intermediate Level IET Activation can empower them mentally and karmically. An Advanced Level IET Activation can empower them at a soul level. These activations can support them in bringing their dreams alive.

12-Strand DNA Attunement: During each IET Class the IET Master-Instructor Teacher gives each student a DNA Attunement specific to the level of IET they are studying. This Attunement makes a positive and permanent modification to the student's DNA that enables them to channel the angelic IET energy ray for that level of IET training through their body and human energy field.

A simple analogy might help to better understand this. Imaging a new car radio. It has several buttons that can be programmed to receive the radio stations of your choosing. It arrives from the factory with no stations programmed. To program a station you simply go to that station and then hold down the button you wish to program to that station. Once you have programmed the button to that station, whenever you press the button the radio can receive that station. An IET attunement is similar to this in that during the attunement the IET Master-Instructor programs the students DNA to allow the student to receive the IET energy ray for the level of attunement that they are receiving. Unlike the car radio, an IET student can simultaneously receive more than one angelic IET energy rays.

Whenever an IET student is re-attuned, since their DNA has already been programmed to receive the angelic IET energy ray, in the car radio analogy it is like turning the volume of the radio up so that the station that is being received gets louder. With angelic IET energy rays, a reattunement increases the amount of angelic IET energy ray that the student can channel through them.


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