Spring Equinox – Balance – Harmony – Direction

Recently I’ve had a family situation that took me out of balance and harmony with “stinking thinking”. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Just out of sorts, not myself, feeling unbalanced, and needing direction. Can you relate? When I am feeling this uncomfortable, I use the HALT method to find out my “why.” The HALT stands for H-Hungry, A-Angry, L-Lonely, and T-Tired. Asking myself these 4 words helps me bring myself in alignment with what is really going on. Are my needs being met? If not, why? I basically have a total “check” in with my body.

I get in touch with the three areas of my body, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and what is really going on in me. Where I need to be more in alignment, direction, more balanced with who I am and where I want to be, which raises my vibrational frequency to allow the Universe to bring me the inspiration and experiences that will be for me as I am in alignment with my higher-self or Source.

The Spring Equinox is such a beautiful time to return to balance and harmony and find direction. Balance in those places in our lives where things have felt uneasy and out of whack. It is the time for the Spring balance to blossom within you. This is a time of rejuvenation of spirit and inspiration. This can bring us into an awareness of what is not in-balance and leave us feeling ‘out of sorts’ or irritable. We may not be able to recognize why we are feeling the way that we are feeling; we know it just feels off.
We are having a human experience that affects our physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. Keeping all of these systems working optimally is work. As human beings we are not able to achieve total balance or sustain it for very long. However, we must work to find balance in all these areas more often than not or we will not be able to draw to us the life experience that we want.

When I’m in this “stinking thinking” mode, I can also get triggered into old patterns of negativity and a victimization mindset. Another method I use to help me is, “HeartMath”. HeartMath is a breathing technique empowering resilience in stressful life situations and trauma. I’ve used HeartMath for years now helping me have balance and harmony in my life. It is done by a breathing technique called Quick Coherence, making the heart and brain connection implementing balance in any situation. This recent “family situation”, using HeartMath, helped me get balanced with my emotions - by focusing my love for my family member, sending them love and compassion.
Spring is a powerful time to self-reflect on changes you can make to balance your life. Where do you feel balanced and nurtured? Where do you feel out of balance? The Spring Equinox spiritual journey is one of discovering balancing on all levels and areas of your life. A transformational time of moving forward and bringing you into alignment with that which is for you.

Here are some wonderful easy daily tips for self-reflection you can use to examine and implement balance in your own life.

  • ASK YOURSELF - What does balance mean/feel like to me? Am I feeling overwhelmed in any aspects of my life? If so, why? Am I nurturing myself today?
  • DAILY MEDITATION – Go within for clarity. Ask for direction for balance each day. Listen to the whispers your inner wisdom has for you. Journal any insights you received.
  • BE IN NATURE – Have the vibrational connection with Mother Earth’s elements. Mother Gaia has a powerful positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit – connecting with her allows reflection and healing.
  • SEEK LIKE-MINDED SOULS – Take action sharing with your tribe what is going on. Making an emotional connection with others has positive outcomes.
  • HEARTMATH – {FREE GUIDE} A Powerful Technique to Shift into Compassion in a Heart-Beat. Learn this Quick Coherence Technique. It allows you to take back your life in a heartbeat and helps implement balance in your life.

The Power of Women’s Prayer – March 2021 – Equinox Balance and Harmony

“I pray that you may find the courage to release what is no longer useful to you, and by doing so, receive the blessings and wisdom of what you release. I pray that you receive these blessings in every cell, every breath, and every beat of your heart. Release by strengthening your connection with Mother Gaia during her Spring awakening. Connect with Mother Gaia’s vibration outside – feel your balance, harmony, and peace as you walk on her crystalline grid.”

Written by: Sheila Tillich - Host Lemurian Sisterhood WNY


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