Heart Connection: Your Channel To Healing Support

Heart Connection…. is opening up a channel to healing support. It’s a heart-to-heart energy connection technique.

As a child, I always had a connection with Angels. They brought me peace. They've helped me in my own self-healing journey through life allowing me to have compassion for myself and others. I found the more I worked with my healing angels, the more I experienced their presence in my life.

And, you can too (and the best part is it’s simple!).

All you need to do is ask - a prayer of invitation for them to come help.

I have my own name for them and you can call upon your own too.

If this is new to you, just say, healing angels come. They are always ready, willing, and able to help However, they must be invited to do so. This Angelic invitation starts with a general prayer of protection and intent, and then adds a special prayer of invitation for the Healing Angel you wish to ask for help from. This prayer of invitation establishes your request...

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