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In person or distance healing sessions available with Sheila.

HeartMath® is about helping and teaching people how to access their own heart intelligence so they can find their own solutions.

By practicing HeartMath's® science-based techniques, you can change your body’s physiological response to stressful situations. Then, automatic stress reactions won’t dictate how you feel, respond or perform. This Heart and Brain coherence balances the chemistry in body. I'm a HeartMath Certified Professional. Let's get started today.

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

The HeartMath Experience - Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are

The Coronavirus pandemic and all the changes that have resulted, has caused a tremendous amount of fear, anxiety, and stress for people. I love being a HeartMath Coach sharing ways to move on to a new life right now.


More About HeartMath®

HeartMath® is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath® is internationally recognized for practical solutions that can transform the stress of change and uncertainty and build people’s heart coherence and energy reserves.

HeartMath® is about the Heart and Brain Connection. HeartMath® techniques work by reconnecting with your heart where they can rejuvenate from stress, learning how to self regulate emotionally.


The mission of the HeartMath® Institute is to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the way of love, which they demonstrate through compassionate care for the well-being of themselves, others and Planet Earth.


A global shift is under way and people are sensing it involves a deeper connection with their heart. This desire for more heart connection is a growing movement, one that people are drawn to by a nudge from their own intuition or conscience to listen to their hearts more and to connect with their inner guidance. The voice or feelings of the heart have been referred to in writings and teachings throughout the millennia. HeartMath® exists to help individuals, organizations, and the global community incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their day-to-day experience of life.

HeartMath® shows us a way to remake our world.

It provides tools to connect with our inner guidance and technologies to help us be still enough to listen. Its research shows us how we can be empowered to become masters of ourselves and the quality of our future.

Together, the tools, technologies, and research enable us to realize our full potential as individuals and as a species to serve as caretakers for our planet and generations to come.

Click here for a copy of "How Stress Affects the Body."

What people are saying...

“Sheila listened with a compassionate ear and helped guide me to a new awareness which I felt both emotionally and physically. All her words were comforting, uplifting, and hopeful. Her prayers over me allowed me to connect with my Source in a peaceful way. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a new kind of healing.” - Joan P, RN, Rochester, NY

"Sheila has assisted in opening me up to the sacred work of Lightworkers. She's an amazing teacher who is always supportive and very knowledgeable. I had no idea how profound the change in me would be. My life continues to shift in ways that support continued healing, renewal, and love. Sheila remains connected to her students and is a strong advocate of walking the sacred way. She recognizes the value of community and is diligent about maintaining all the wonderful connections she makes on her sacred walk. This ongoing accessibility speaks volumes to her commitment to Spirit." - Robin Weeks, B.Msc; MS.Ed Health;  Master Instructor: Integrated Energy Therapy


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