IET® Intensive Workshop - Rochester, NY

Basic Class Friday 9/18/20 - 5pm - 10m
Intermediate Class Saturday 9/19/20 - 10am - 6pm
Advanced Class Sunday 9/20/20 - 10am - 6pm

Taught by Master-Instructor Trainer Sheila Tillich
LOCATION: 108 E. Church Street, Fairport, NY

Are you ready to shift your life in a powerful way? Be empowered with tools you need to live a more heart-centered joy filled life that you dreamed of? Be who you were meant to be? This is a workshop that will do that for you!

Join us for this powerful three day weekend filled with joy, awareness, healing, consciousness expansion, clearing the past allowing joyful space for the future, becoming more present in the now, raising your vibration to a higher frequency as you work with the angelic violet ray of the angels.

 Integrated Energy Therapy® or IET® is an attunement based energy therapy system. Each level of our IET® training system contains an energy attunement that works directly with the 12 strand DNA to expand, realign, and restructure one or more pairs. Each IET® attunement builds progressively with the others to ultimately bring all 6 pairs of DNA into their full power. High vibrational heart activation using Angelic High Vibrational Energy releases “issues in the tissues” and “trauma without the drama”.

IET® helps you gently release limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and ultimately helping you claim your highest potential for your future.

The clearing and balancing of the energy field promote healing on all levels. IET® offers three hands-on and life-transforming classes open to anyone seeking spiritual and personal growth.

Each level of training provides unique and empowering benefits. Each training (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) will be experienced in this 3-day intensive workshop.

Everything you need to know to perform a powerful IET® session on yourself or someone else. Designed to be an entry level class for those wanting to use energy therapy to heal their lives. Compliments other holistic techniques such as Massage, Reiki, or Therapeutic Touch.

Expanding upon both the depth and breadth of the Basic level techniques through the Intermediate Attunement (which open you to clear mental and karmic imprints) and through the special IET® pull-out release technique that clear imprints from the human energy field.

This class builds on all of the knowledge and techniques learned in the other 2 levels. The advanced training is focused on helping you live your soul's mission and helps bring your dreams alive.

Reverend Sheila B. Tillich is an IET® Master-Instructor Trainer with 30+ years of continuous conscious healing experience. Each training class includes a workbook, laminated guide sheets, and class certification (for newly certified practitioners).

REGISTRATION CONTACT: https://www.sheilatillich.com/events or [email protected]
COST: $630 paid in full by registration date OR $655 with half pre-paid at registration. Balance by 9/11, 2020
Practitioner Review: Sheila's Former student FREE / taught by others $333

Full Pay ($630) -
Reviewer ($333) - Pd in full by Registration 8/18/20

Deposit ($327.50)- By Registration 8/18/20 for Total Cost Intensive Workshop $655 - 1/2 payment

Remainder on Sep 11, 2020 ($327.50)- balance of $655 Cost


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