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"Release the Energy of Your Akashic Wounds"  with Sheila B 

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Unity Field Healing (UFH) is an evolutionary form of Energy Medicine founded by Dr. John Ryan.

UFH takes the field of Energy Medicine to a whole new level of understanding and potential! Traditional energy-based therapies work to transfer energy or clear energy blockages.

UFH however works through the quantum field of energy of your personal DNA, and uses a quantum field light template known as the UFH Template, to recalibrate an alignment with your deeper healing potential. 

Unity Field Healing is about "Releasing the energy of our Akashic wounds!"

As mystical as it sounds, you can learn all about it here – and experience it for yourself!


Experience Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing is performed through a series of 3 individual sessions. This can be done in two different ways:

  • audio sessions that you enjoy in the comfort of your own home
  • personal energy sessions performed by a certified UFH practitioner.

The sessions work to enhance the quantum energy of your DNA using a light template known as the UFH template – to catalyze your personal healing and transformation.

Experience the power of this remarkable work!


Become a UFH Practitioner

Training is now available to become a UFH Practitioner!  
If you are currently a healing practitioner and would like to take your practice to new level of healing power for your clients – this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  All practitioners are trained personally by Dr. John Ryan, the founder of UFH and certified to provide Sessions 1, 2 and 3 of UFH following the training program.  

Practitioner Training Programs are provided over 2.5 days and receive a certification complete with a diploma certificate to practice UFH Healing Sessions 1, 2 and 3!


Thriving in a time of Catalytic Change

Lee Carroll and Dr. John Ryan - Part One

Part Two

Meet Dr. John Ryan

Dr. John is a board-certified specialist physician, with a longstanding interest in spirituality, consciousness, and energy-based healing. For over 20 years he has participated in the emerging energy healing paradigm as an energy healing practitioner and counselor in support of personal transformation. 

Unity Field Healing Vol. 1

Unity Field Healing Vol. 1 provides a powerful catalyst to your healing journey. It consolidates a full understanding of all that is needed to understand and benefit from the new healing paradigm. It demystifies the confusion experienced as one first encounters and then matures in the new world of spiritual consciousness and energy-based healing. This foundation provides the springboard to take a giant leap into the future with the introduction of Unity Field Healing – a quantum-based healing potential that can catalyze healing in a brand new way.

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SBWC Quantum Meditation for Immune Balance

UFH Practitioner Training

Discovery Interview

Here is a beautiful introduction experience to Unity Field Healing Energies.

This is a guided UFH interactive meditation using a series of I AM statements to embody the transformation they contain, supported by the Sirian Energy inherent in Unity Field Healing.

A Hundred Thousand Angels



Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Lucinda Drayton / Andrew Blissett

Do you
Hear me calling you
The voice of a mother, a father and a child
Would you recognize the truth
Do you feel a love that's falling from my eyes
Take just a minute
Come and rest you by my side
Let me tell you your own story
Let me walk you through your lives
Only a second
That's all it takes to realize
There's a hundred thousand angels by your side


Do you
Hear me talk to you
I whisper through the doorways
And pathways of your mind
Clear like the morning dew
And fresh from my journey
Cross an ocean of blue
Take just a minute
Come and rest you by my side
Let me tell you your own story
Let me walk you through your lives
Only a second
That's all it takes to realize
There's a hundred thousand angels by your side
There's a hundred thousand angels by your side

Lemurian Sisterhood & Unity Field Healing

Sheila gave the opening blessings from the star mothers during this Sirian Blue White Collective transmission from Dr. John in Ottawa in February 2020.

Painting by Piroska Molnár


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