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There has never been a greater need for healing and spiritual guidance. Sheila and the healing community have been well prepared to continue their work while you remain in the convenience of your own home. The energy remains just as powerful in these sessions where distance becomes just an illusion. The work that Sheila performs will profoundly impact your ability to remain centered, focused, and mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually well.

With ongoing COVID-19 precautions and in recognition of the financial challenges they bring, Sheila is offering a $50 savings on the first foundational session for new clients to experience distance sessions to regain their clarity. Existing and returning clients may also use the code for $50 savings off your next distance healing or in person service session. One coupon per client.

Use coupon code SAVE50 at checkout when booking or purchase a gift certificate if you want to share self-healing with a friend.


Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders is overwhelming. Added to that, not being heard can cause many negative feelings resulting in depression, physical, mental and spiritual unhappiness. Being the caregivers for others and feeling like you don’t matter can take its toll in all areas of our lives. 

We know we need to change.  

"Sheila's healing services are awesome! I am so glad I made the decision to have sessions as I gained clarity about myself that I believe would not have happened without Sheila's energy work. If you are contemplating energy work go with Sheila and don't hold anything back with her! You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and it will give you the momentum to get digging! At first, I was hesitant to book the appointments and then I thought damn the torpedoes I am going for it as I have nothing to lose and what I have been doing has not been working for me anyhow! I gained clarity, balance, and a renewed zest for my life. More keeps revealing itself! Thanks forever, Sheila Tillich!!!"

Carolyn Talberg -Maple Grove, MN

Life obstacles keep us hostage.

Why? Mostly it’s our fear of change.

The what if’s, should of’s, would of’s, and could of’s, come into play and then we never make the move to have a better life. Well, let’s stop self-sabotaging the things we want most. Let’s stop “shoulding” on ourselves, face our fears, and manifest our magnificent futures. Shall we?

I’ll help you self-heal utilizing your own life obstacles to create a joyful heart-centered future. We’ll do this by making positive life changes using Energy self-healing methods. These two beneficial methods, Integrated Energy Therapy, and HeartMath techniques will align your life for authentic compassionate living.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) will help you understand your “issues in your tissues” and how they affect your everyday life. IET Angelic high-frequency healing ray releases on cellular level negative behavior blockages and imprints positive peaceful harmony back in.

"I am extremely grateful to have been guided to find Sheila Tillich to take classes in I.E.T. She has all the qualities of an excellent teacher; that of compassion, able to explain techniques clearly, intuition, and she’s willing to spend extra time with students to make sure we understand completely. I highly recommend Sheila as an instructor and healer."

Thea Mariah Wallace, DVM, IET Master-Instructor Practitioner, Fulton, NY


What is your mindset?

Many parents believe that they are powerless to change their child’s behavior.

Let’s squash self-doubt... You can do this! By using a combination of proactive and reactive strategies, you can improve your child’s behavior.

Nothing changes, if you keep doing what you always did.

The HeartMath techniques will nudge your intuition to listen to your heart more and connect with your inner guidance.

With HeartMath’s measurable data technology, it’ll show your heart’s ability to build resilience against stressful situations where in the past it dictated your unhealthy behaviors.   

Fear of change keeps us stuck in changing our lives. Unworthiness manifests in many ways spiraling life out of control into hopelessness and helplessness. When life situations occur, like the end of a romantic relationship or unfulfilling career, many use unhealthy behaviors in an attempt to fill the empty hole inside.   

Can you relate to:

  • Feeling stuck and don’t know why?
  • Being riddled with fear for no apparent reason?
  • Filled with low confidence, low self-worth, and insecurities?
  • Feeling alone with a house full of family and friends?
  • Needing approval by others before you make a decision?
  • People pleasing, to fit in?
  • Having self-destructive behaviors that you know you need to address?
  • Unhappy with your life in general and don’t know why?
  • Have feelings of shame?
  • Envision a different life and don’t know how to get it?
  • Hate your career path and don’t know how to change?
  • Staying in an unhealthy relationship because of financial security and what others might think of you?

With the right techniques, all the above can be turned around. Not sure how to begin? Book a complimentary Discovery Call below.

Book a Discovery Call

What would you do if things looked and felt differently?

Take back control of your life

There comes a time when you’re ready and open to divine guidance. To listen to the whispers inside, be aware of signs, and recognize how you can start to do things differently.

When you stop being the victim in your own life and put on your warrior cloak, confidence starts to arise from within. Through self-healing, you then start to learn from your life’s lessons, feel comfortable in your own skin, start dreaming and setting goals again, of experiencing gratitude, joy, peace, and serenity.  


Others will see a change in you!

As you face your fears and no longer self-sabotage, you and those around you will notice a marked difference in you. By living a more balanced and peaceful existence other areas of your life start to miraculously shift as well. Like making healthier eating choices, staying calm in turbulent situations, and expressing your likes and dislikes without needing approval.

What's possible by taking action?

Go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, to confident, capable, and in control. Learn to use effective tools and strategies to self-heal and you can expect:

  • Experiencing more positive feelings.
  • Feeling empowered living the life you want.  
  • Speaking up for yourself consistently.
  • Others commenting on your positive changes.
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  • Loving your job and get paid to do it.
  • Having healthy recreational behaviors.
  • Making “alone” time is a priority.
  • Letting others be responsible for themselves.
  • Enjoying being with family and friends.
  • Believing in yourself and your destiny.
  • No more carrying the world on your shoulders.
  • No more living in drama.

It’s my mission is to teach self-healing techniques to wise women empowering them to utilize their life’s obstacles so that they can have a joyful, heart-centered future.

Set-up Your First Session

"I started working with Sheila because I knew I was “stuck.” I’d been to see motivational speakers, listened to many books on tape, prayed, and meditated. None of those things are bad. However, none of them worked. My experience with Sheila and IET has been wild!! Layers of issues in tissues have been removed. Opportunity and abundance are flowing and I now expect it to keep coming. "

Michelle Fischette, IET Master-Instructor Practitioner, Rochester, NY

After your first foundational session, you’ll be eligible to enjoy package benefits.

Session Savings


Added Bonuses


Wellness Advocate


Peace of Mind



3 sessions  
($105 Savings)

Chakra balancing
(30 minutes valued at $60 OR 30 min Channeled Galactic Healing session valued at $75)



6 sessions 
($210 Savings)

Chakra balancing
(30 minutes valued at $60)

1 Crystal Disc Healing (1 hour valued at $75 OR Channeled Galactic Healing Reading valued at $75)



12 sessions  
($420 Savings)

Chakra balancing
(30 minutes valued at $60)

1 Crystal Disc Healing (1 hour valued at $75)

Channeled Galactic Healing Reading  (60-minutes valued at $150)


Not sure what package is right for you?

Standalone session options are available for many services including distance healing and one-on-one healing sessions.


Pay Plans

For your convenience, the "Heal" and "Evolve" Packages have payment plan options.

Heal Pay Plan: 3-monthly payments of $245 Evolve Pay Plan: 6-monthly payments of $245


Answers to your Questions

Yes! Both are Heart-centered self-healing practices and work well together.

HeartMath® helps you build resilience against stress, and connects you to your inner guidance allowing healthier life choices.

IET® releases the negative blockages which cause many of your life issues.

"Sheila is able to address past issues from a place of compassion and empathy which enables the individuals that she ministers to find their freedom from things of the past that are weighing them down in the present moment. Sheila not only heals but teaches from a place of authenticity, this alone is a rare find. Her strength as a teacher shows as she shares from a real-life perspective which allows her students to stay engaged. Her classes allow for the curious to be satiated through hands-on training which allows individuals to begin using the skills they are being taught during her classes. If you are looking to grow as a practice or heal as an individual utilizing Sheila would be in your best interest. "

Tracy Muscatella, IET Advanced Practitioner, Rochester, NY


Feel supported like never before.

Sheila B. Tillich is a renowned Holistic Energy Healer. She has spent most of her life learning, practicing and teaching the healings arts in both conventional medical settings and Holistic healthcare.

Sheila became certified by The Center of Being, where she later was recognized as a top IET Master Instructor and Master Instructor Trainer. She is a licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor, Unity Field Healing (UFH) Practitioner, Master Reiki Practitioner, and deeply experienced Metaphysical Practitioner.


Sheila specializes in Online Distant Healing Services; Energy Healing, HeartMath Coaching,  Spiritual Counseling, Life Issue Recovery Mentoring, DNA Healing activations, Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing and Empowerment Classes (non-attunement).

"My boyfriend and I were feeling disconnected so I thought maybe some spiritual work would help. As a couple, we went to see Sheila and had a session of talking, breathing, heart connecting, learning, and bonding. It was absolutely beautiful and put my boyfriend and I on a much deeper spiritual level. It also gave us tools to reconnect when we feel disconnected, allowing us to now move forward. Sheila is wise and has such a vast amount of life experience to apply in her healing sessions. Her energy and her touch are calming, peaceful, full of love and healing. Absolutely a wonderful couples experience with her."

Emily Karns, IET Master-Instructor Practitioner, Rochester, NY

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